Online Learning – Secondary Teachers

Accounting 11
Heather Riedle
American Sign Language 10
Danika Cottingham
Anatomy and Physiology 12 (formerly Biology 12)Meg Hale
Arabic 10Carolyn Ganga
Arabic 11Carolyn Ganga Meg Hale
BC First Peoples 12Jennifer Hibbert
Business Computer Applications 12Heather Riedle
Calculus 12
Teresa Devereaux
Careers 8 cross-enrolled
Careers 9 cross-enrolled
Career Life Connections & Capstone
Kerry Hale
Career Life EducationRoger Vernon / Jonny Coleshill /
Chemistry 11Deb Benson
Chemistry 12Thai Nguyen
Child Development and Caregiving 12Kirsten Odegaard
Contemporary Indigenous Studies 12
(coming mid September 2022)
Creative Writing 12Kerry Hale
Digital Communications 11
Earth Science 11John Gair
English 8 – Cross Enrolled
Tanis Shippy
English 9 – Cross Enrolled
Jonny Coleshill
English 10: CompositionTanis Shippy
English 10: Creative WritingKerry Hale
English 10: Literary StudiesJennifer Hibbert
English 10: New MediaTanis Shippy
English 11: CompositionDanika Cottingham
English 11: Creative WritingKerry Hale
English 11: Literary StudiesKerry Hale
English 11: New MediaChrista Petch
English Studies 12Chad Fearn / Tanis Shippy /
English First Peoples 10: New Media
(coming early October 2022)
English First Peoples 10: Spoken Language
(coming early October 2022)
English First Peoples 10: Writing
(coming September 2022)
English First Peoples 11: Literary Studies and New Media
(coming mid September 2022)
English First Peoples 12
(coming mid September 2022)
Explorations in Social Studies 11Jonny Coleshill
Fashion & Interior Design 12Kirsten Odegaard
Food Studies 10Kirsten Odegaard
Food Studies 11Kirsten Odegaard
Food Studies 12Kirsten Odegaard
Forensic Science 11John Gair
Forensic Science 12John Gair
French 10Christophe Abele
French 11Lyse Fortin
French 12Elissa Terrey
German 10Susan Carr-Hilton
German 11Susan Carr-Hilton
German 12Susan Carr-Hilton
Hospitality and Tourism 12Wayne Della Siega
Human Geography 12Christa Petch
Independent Directed Studies (IDS) 10-12Danika Cottingham
International Languages 11Susan Carr-Hilton
Introductory International Languages 11Susan Carr-Hilton
Interpersonal and Family Relationships 11John Gair
Italian 10Wayne Della Siega
Italian 11Wayne Della Siega
Italian 12Wayne Della Siega
Japanese 10Lyse Fortin
Japanese 11Lyse Fortin
Korean 10Carolyn Ganga
Korean 11Carolyn Ganga
Law Studies 12 Kerry Hale
Leadership 11Gerald Fussell
Leadership 12Gerald Fussell
Life Sciences 11 Jennifer Boutilier
Mandarin 10Meg Hale
Mandarin 11Meg Hale
Mandarin 12Meg Hale
Math 8: Cross-enrolled
Math 9: Cross-enrolled
Karl Wodtke
Math 10: Foundations and Pre-CalcLesley Conway
Math 10: WorkplaceJennifer Boutilier
Math 11: FoundationsNancy Quackenbush
Math 11: Pre-CalculusTeresa Devereaux
Math 11: WorkplaceLesley Conway
Math 12: FoundationsLesley Conway
Math 12: Pre-CalculusNancy Quackenbush
Photography 11Nancy Quackenbush
Photography 12Nancy Quackenbush
Physical & Health Education 8/9: Cross-enrolled
Britt Hanson
Physical and Health Education 10Wayne Della Siega
PE 11: Active LivingBritt Hanson
PE 11: Fitness & ConditioningWayne Della Siega
PE 12: Active LivingBritt Hanson
PE 12: Fitness & ConditioningWayne Della Siega
Physics 11Thai Nguyen
Physics 12Thai Nguyen
Psychology 11Heather Riedle
Psychology 12Heather Riedle
Russian 10Carolyn Ganga
Russian 11Susan Carr-Hilton
Russian 12Susan Carr-Hilton
Science 8 & 9: Cross-enrolled
Science 10Deb Benson
Science for Citizens 11Teresa Devereaux
Social Studies 8 & 9: Cross-Enrolled
John Gair
Social Studies 10Christa Petch
Spanish 10Carolyn Ganga
Spanish 11Christophe Abele
Spanish 12Carolyn Ganga
Sports and Entertainment Marketing 10
(coming September 2022)
Sports and Entertainment Marketing 11Kirsten Odegaard
Veterinary Science 12Jennifer Boutilier
Work Experience 12A / 12BJennifer Boutilier
World History 12 (20th Century)Britt Hanson

Secondary Counsellor Wendy Chase
Secondary Counsellor Amy LaRocque-Walker